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Analog Loving Digital Marketer

July 15, 2017

This is one of those moments as a blogger where the next post you see might be 7 years from now. I hope that’s not the case. I need to find my personal voice again and I have a long list of topics to cover. I plan on reviewing business books, pencils, notebooks, various consumer products and an occasional rant. I will eventually start using affiliate links.

I started my first business blog in 2003 when I was doing guerilla marketing for an internet security company out of Largo, Florida. I needed to make an impact with little to no budget. My inspiration came from reading weblogs on the blogger and LiveJournal platforms. There were emerging business blogs that were inexpensive to create and easy to fill with content. The first blog, which no longer exists, was called Security Awareness for Ma, Pa and the Corporate Clueless.

In January 2005, I started my first professional blog about me. The domain was on Google’s Blogspot and still exists. The archives run until October 2009. That’s when I abandoned it and launched That domain now forwards to my business, Apogee, a Performance Marketing Agency. All of the Marketing Gorilla posts were migrated to the Apogee blog.

Most of the posts for the last 8 years are all work related. A few rants here and there but again, mostly about affiliate marketing and my clients. I want this to be my platform for posts like the one I wrote in 2012 about my comic book shop tour in Atlanta.

I’m an analog loving digital marketer. I cherish fine writing instruments, especially pencils. I love notebooks for bullet journaling purposes. Stop me in person one day and ask to see the notebook and pencil in my pocket. I love the smell of used book stores. I collect comics, history books and biographies of great comic artists like Jack Kirby. I use an app in Chrome that makes the keystrokes sound like a typewriter. I have daily home delivery of the printed New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Atlanta Journal & Constitution. I’m an old journalist that learned how to tell stories on a typewriter.

Stick with me and I’ll give you some good stuff.